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- Single and dual completions

- Field-proven design

- Dependable no-go style
- Choice of materials for most environments
- Thread connection choices to match tubing

D-series landing nipples include a shoulder that engages the no-go of the appropriate lock and a locking recess. When installed, the locking dogs move outward into the nipple locking recess, and the lock packing seals in the nipple polished bore. These nipples are suitable for a variety of applications, working pressures, and environments. The D nipple receives a C lock. The DS nipple, with a larger ID, receives CS lock.

Description and operation
To install a no-go lock in these nipples, the lock and attached flow control device are run into the tubing using standard slickline methods. The assembly is lowered until the no-go of the lock contacts the no-go shoulder in the nipple. Downward jarring forces the locking dogs into the nipple locking recess and anchors the assembly and packs off in the sealbore.