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A-2 Plug

The A-series blanking plug is designed to seal tubing pressure from either above or below the plug. It is installed in combination with C-series or CS-series lock, then set in the proper landing nipple.

- Flow control in single or dual completions
- Diagnostic tool for single or dual completions

- Compatible with different lock types
- Materials available to match various well environments

- Integral equalizing device
- Prong and melon design
- Single-trip installation
- Rugged field-proven design
- Choice of sealing systems

A-series blanking plugs may be used for any application which requires either bleeding off pressure in the tubing or circulating above the plugs. They may also be used as testing tubing or packers.

During the running operation, the downplug section of the blanking plug is in the up position to permit fluid bypass through and around the blanking plug assembly. When the assembly is locked in the nipple, the downplug is forced downward by the expander tube in the lock and the bypass ports are closed and sealed by the packing on the downplug. In order to pull the plug, a prong must first be retrieved. After equalization occurs, the remainder of the plug and lock may be pulled using a JDC pulling tool.