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LOG Oiltools offers a broad range of drill pipe subs, guide subs, tubing subs, extension subs, subs and crossovers. Subs are used for joining, extending and sealing the pipes in different types and dimensions for drillings and/or for production, manufactured with different thread types and design.

Dimensions: 2 3/8" - 9 5/8"

Groups: - pin - pin, pin - box, box - box

Constructions: - left hand thread
- right hand thread
- shouldered pin
- shouldered box
- with rubber or teflon ring

Available thread types:
- API casing thread
- Tubing plan
- plain tubing thread, non upset
- External upset tubing
- Rod connection thread TG
- Regular - tool joint thread
- Full hole - tool joint thread
- Line pipe thread
- Short casing pipe thread
- Long casing pipe thread
- ACME, Stub ACME threads
- Metric threads
- Tenaris blue threads