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Safety joints

The safety joints for tubing are safety subs placed directly above the packer at the lower end of the tubing column. They are used in oil gas wells built with packers. The safety joint enables the loosening and running out the tubing string blocked in the packers and the running out of drill pipes from the hole.

Types: - Threaded
a.) type A (for tubing)
b.) type F (for drill pipes)

- With bayonet joint system
(J - groove and tongue)
a.) type LK (for tubing) 

- releasing to the right, 
- releasing to the left

The safety joint type LK with bayonet system enables the loosening of the tubing string then their run in and refastening to the packers. The shaft of the safety joint is of a construction with polished bore, fixing groove and stop collar for holding the wireline tools (valves, plugs). The safety joint type F with thread is used at fishing jobs in the well bore in cases when the fishing tool is not of a safety joint construction (e.g. fishing tap, overshot). The safety joint enables the pull out of the drill stem above the blocked fishing tool.