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Production, injection and zonal isolation
Sump packer
Squeeze or test packer
Permanent or temporary bridge plug

The largest possible opening through a drillable packer (full bore type)
The FH-N packers are designed to withstand pressure differentials up to 10,000 psi
Solid construction and packing element

Two opposed sets of full-circle, high strength slips assure that the packer will stay where it is set and minimize casing damage
Mill-out extension or seal bore extension should be connected to the bottom of packer

Unique interlocked, expandable metal back-up rings contact the casing and create a positive barrier to packing element extension AFLAS packing element is available in select casing weight ranges The equipments of FH-N and FH-NA type packers are the anchor tubing seal assemblies, which are marked based on the construction of sealing system with the following codes: - R-2 type: double row, V-ring sealing set - RC type: single-row, V-ring sealing set - B type: double row, two-section V-ring sealing set - RB-11-M type: double row,

BONDED SEAL sealing set