History of LOG Oiltools Ltd.

ˇ 1921 The first oil fields were opened in Hungary

ˇ 1938 Foundation of Hungarian-American Oil Co. (MAORT) with the participation of the Hungarian state and EUROGASCO (Standard Oil Co.)

ˇ 1944 Central repairing workshop was founded to repair tools and equipment for MAORT.

ˇ 1954 After the nationalization in 1948 the works got the Transdanubian Petroleum Machine Work (DKG) name.

ˇ 1986 DKG became an affiliated company of OKGT and was making good progress

ˇ 1987 The company achieved the API spec. Q1 certification

ˇ 1991 An independent company was founded, though it was under the supervision of Industrial Ministry

ˇ 1994 Interprocom (affiliated company of GAZPROM) became the main shareholder of DKG, and its new present name is DKG-EAST Co. Inc.

ˇ 1995 DKG-EAST Co. sole all assets, inventories and know-how of factory in Lenti. The new company name is LOG CO. Inc. (Lenti Oil-industrial Manufacturer Factory).

ˇ The main products were: packers and drilling tools

ˇ 2008 LOG Oiltools was founded by LOG Co. Inc.

ˇ 2009 January: HEAT Holding Gmbh. became the main shareholder (60%) of LOG Oiltools Ltd.

ˇ 2009 February-March: LOG Oiltools achieved the certificates of API spec.11D1 for packers and ISO9001:2000 for quality management system.


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